Tarot Readings

Are you curious about the next step in your career? Do you need some advice about a financial investment? Wondering if you’ll be able to afford that vacation? A tarot card reading will offer insight into career and finance. It will give you a two-to-four month outlook. -- $50

It's in the cards

Change can be difficult, especially when that change has financial ramifications. To create positive change in life we must personally recognize the unproductive feelings and actions that limit our ability to evolve on a spiritual level. Once we evolve spiritually, we will have the power to overcome all of our obstacles, financial or otherwise. When we have unlocked this power, changing becomes easier.

Come to NY Psychic Studio for a Tarot Card Reading and we will give you insight into your professional and financial situations. When the spiritual connections between yourself and your career are revealed, you will feel empowered to make the financial changes that can positively affect your life.

Readings By Phone

All of our readings can be done over the phone as well. Phone readings are done by voice vibration and date of birth. They are just as accurate as readings in person. There is no price per minute on our readings, even phone readings. You only pay one flat rate.

NY Psychic Studio is located in New York, NY. Contact us today.

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